Definition of rough and ready in English:

rough and ready


  • 1Crude but effective.

    ‘a rough-and-ready estimating method’
    • ‘Obviously these figures are rough and ready, but they evidence a point.’
    • ‘The sporting code, which had been rough and ready for most of the nineteenth century, especially in Africa, began to impose more self-restraint on hunters.’
    • ‘It's very rough and ready, and a bit ragged round the edges, but it does work, and I've made very sure to point out to anyone looking that it's not the real odeon website.’
    • ‘It's rough and ready and it's simple lack of visual elegance makes it so much more enjoyable.’
    • ‘The result is ragged, rough and ready, very fresh and completely invigorating.’
    • ‘Churning out three and four-deckers at his factory rate of production (and he did much else than write novels) meant that Scott was occasionally obliged to be rough and ready in the finer points of construction.’
    • ‘He's recorded live, too, which leaves some of Jamie's piano solos sounding rough and ready, but gives the performances the power of a live show.’
    • ‘‘The recording session was a little rough and ready - the song was literally made in a room in someone's house,’ Tom laughs.’
    • ‘It is pretty rough and ready but it is asking the right questions.’
    • ‘So it's still a little rough and ready, although it clearly is maturing, I think.’
    basic, simple, crude, unrefined, unpolished, unsophisticated
    preliminary, hasty, quick, sketchy, cursory, basic, crude, rudimentary, rough and ready, raw, unpolished, unrefined
    plain, basic, simple, rough and ready, rustic, rude, crude, primitive, spartan, uncomfortable
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    1. 1.1 (of a person or place) unsophisticated or unrefined.
      ‘the Hague, a town so bourgeois it makes Amsterdam seem rough and ready’
      • ‘The Old Town, in its heyday, was apparently a teeming place, rough and ready and full of humanity with all its flaws, vices and passion.’
      • ‘He certainly secured advantageous marriages for his children and, despite a sometimes rough and ready personal manner, he attracted numerous clients.’
      • ‘Sara and Victoria were both nice enough, Danielle was a little rough and ready but I thought her heart was in the right place, and Amy had always seemed perfectly friendly and personable.’
      • ‘But this is almost as much Bogart's film, and he was wonderful playing against type as a businessman instead of the rough and ready tough guys he was known for.’
      • ‘His characters - the men, at least - are rough and ready, and thrown down on the page with tons of energy.’
      • ‘One of these men is the rough and ready Sam Hell (Piper).’
      • ‘He seemed the rough and ready type despite his skinny frame.’
      • ‘Many people who went past looked rough and ready so Arthur didn't approach them.’
      • ‘In either case, you may be as rough and ready with my master as you find needful; it will be he who has frightened her, and not you.’
      • ‘‘If it was all too perfect it wouldn't have had that kind of rough and ready atmosphere to it that gives it its magic,’ explains Evelyn.’
      basic, simple, crude, unrefined, unpolished, unsophisticated
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rough and ready

/rʌf ən ˈrɛdi/