Definition of rough-textured in English:



  • Having an uneven surface or coarse texture; not smooth.

    ‘rough-textured walls’
    • ‘Rough-textured food like toast encourages chewing and swallowing.’
    • ‘Farther back is a long, candlelit dining room with clean lines, geometric woodwork and a striking, rough-textured slate wall.’
    • ‘Each feature of this powder room enhances the Japanese-inspired design, from the rough-textured grass cloth wallpaper to the bamboo-framed mirror.’
    • ‘She is dressed in a rough-textured brown jacket four sizes too small.’
    • ‘Blitz this mixture to a rough-textured paste in a food processor.’
    • ‘The dry stems are rough-textured, so beans will twine around them and stay put.’
    • ‘It was delicious: thick, warm, rough-textured and with a wonderful, exotic, Mediterranean flavour that lingered on the tongue.’
    • ‘With this low-cost cleaning available, recycling of these popular bricks pays off even more than recycling of today's rough-textured bricks.’
    • ‘We'd order a tuna sandwich and fries, and get those rough-textured things that seemed more like oblong potato asteroids than anything you might want to eat.’
    • ‘Slugs will avoid the rough-textured paper.’
    rugged, rough-hewn, strong, manly, masculine
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