Definition of rotundly in English:



  • See rotund

    • ‘His tunes are confidently solid and percussion-heavy, rotundly popping, locking and soaring.’
    • ‘His cats are either rotundly ruminative, as in the picture of the wash-day, or predatory.’
    • ‘To suss this out, Moore slouches rotundly across America, gabbing with anyone and everyone, offering his longtime membership in the NRA as a show of bona fides.’
    • ‘The Colombian artist Fernando Botero, famous for his rotundly oversized figures, has donated a collection of works of art worth an estimated $250 million to two museums in his native country.’
    • ‘Alfie cuts a fine figure in a rotundly roundabout sort of way, as he sachets and saunters down the high street.’