Definition of rotator in English:



  • 1A thing which rotates or which causes something to rotate.

    ‘T Tauri stars are slow rotators’
    ‘its main boom is fitted with an adjustable head to accommodate rotators’
    • ‘It has to be emptied into a metal rotator with three gallons of tap water and a pouch of marinade concentrate.’
    • ‘They modified the base of the device to raise the mounting plate of the rotator so that the axis of the rotator is on the same level as the hub of the tone arm.’
    • ‘Then the oil and aqueous phases are emulsified in a rotator.’
    • ‘Finally, some traffic exchanges will allow pop-up, active x controls, site rotators, etc. in their network.’
    • ‘The importance the agency places on the role is witnessed, for example, by the fact that about half the program directors are rotators.’
    • ‘The company has expanded the selection of grapples available to loggers with its new line of severe-duty grapples and new rotators.’
    • ‘It will also help prevent overworking your external rotators, your front delts and your traps.’
    • ‘If you live where there is only one nearby city with television stations then a rotator is probably useless because television transmitters are usually all located in the same place in one city.’
    • ‘The whole point of rotators is that there are people coming from the same place you're coming from.’
    • ‘This is a combined rotator and tilting mechanism with a multi-directional action that allows buckets, grapples, grapple saws, or other attachments to be positioned exactly where required for any job.’
    • ‘During the four weeks the rotators work at Ben Taub, they work 14-hour night shifts that start Wednesday and run through Monday.’
    • ‘The rotator has a 100 000 lb load rating and can withstand the head being pushed into the ground to aid machine mobility.’
    • ‘The hoses that I broke were mainly those to the head rotator.’
    • ‘The rotator can also take vertical down pressure.’
    • ‘Peak torque ratios of eccentric external rotators to concentric internal rotators were selected as the dependent variables.’
    • ‘It is understood that one of the handles on the low rotator was missing.’
    • ‘Students, known as rotators, work six days a week, pulling 12-hour shifts side-by-side with medical staff at the hospital.’
    • ‘Let's look at some of the benefits of an image rotator.’
    1. 1.1Anatomy A muscle whose contraction causes or assists in the rotation of a part of the body.
      • ‘We typically recommend exercising the rotators before a workout, however, as a warm-up before moving on to heavier weights.’
      • ‘The quads, hip flexors, hip rotators, hamstrings and glutes are primary core stabilizers.’
      • ‘Treatment is conservative and consists of rest followed by stretching of the hip flexors and rotators, then strengthening and gradual return to sport.’
      • ‘These muscles, known as the six deep outward rotators, are located in the middle-lower gluteal area and tend to tighten with repetitive use.’
      • ‘Since the rotators are endurance muscles, they require more repetitions to build strength.’