Definition of rosefinch in English:



  • An Asian finch found chiefly in mountainous areas, the male of which has predominantly pinkish-red plumage.

    • ‘Each day there seemed to be something special that we saw or heard: the aquatic warbler, a citrine wagtail, a rosefinch, a penduline tit flying in and out of its nest or a bittern booming.’
    • ‘The valley has hosted a mountain rosefinch population of about 150-300 breeding pairs since the 1970s. Breeding habitats for rosefinches consist of shrubby, mostly wet and humid meadows.’
    • ‘Thus, functional or numerical response of predators to rosefinches could hardly account for the apparent edge effect here.’
    • ‘But the population of bird species such as rosefinches, spotted doves and grey jungle fowl did go up during the flowering.’
    • ‘The results may thus indicate that rosefinches do not perceive edges as poor habitats.’