Definition of rosebay in English:



  • 1A tall willowherb with pink flowers, native to north temperate regions and often spreading on burnt ground.

    Epilobium or 'Chamaenerion' angustifolium, family Onagraceae

    • ‘This is a white form of our old enemy the rosebay willowherb, but once you have seen it growing in a border backed by dark hedging you will forget all about its evil relatives.’
    • ‘It was however simply a plumed seed of rosebay willowherb whose offspring in a late summer breeze swirl through the air like snow in winter.’
    • ‘There's the winter debris of the summer's plants, especially the strong gaunt stands of thistles, frizzy wands of rosebay willowherb, and upturned umbrellas of umbelliferae.’
  • 2North American A rhododendron.

    Genus Rhododendron, family Ericaceae: several species, in particular Lapland rosebay (R. lapponicum), a dwarf shrub of northern latitudes