Definition of rose chafer in English:

rose chafer


  • A brilliant green or copper-coloured day-flying chafer (beetle) which feeds on roses and other flowers. The larvae typically live in rotting timber.

    Genus Cetonia, family Scarabaeidae: several species, in particular the European C. aurata

    • ‘Plant bugs and rose chafers are attracted to white, so if these insects are a problem, use white index cards and smear petroleum jelly on them to snare the insects.’
    • ‘Whether they are Japanese, cucumber, or rose chafer beetles, a squirt with a pesticide of your choice and discretion kills 'em dead if you get it right on their little personages, but it doesn't have much residual effect.’
    • ‘In studies around the country, codling moths, apple maggots, plum curculio, leafhoppers, Japanese beetles, rose chafer, thrips, and rust mites - not to mention pear psylla - have fled whitewashed crops in search of greener pastures.’
    • ‘Among some pests to watch for are aphids, red spiders, leaf tiers, and rose chafers.’