Definition of rose-cut in English:



  • (of a gem) cut in tiny triangular facets.

    ‘eighteenth-century diamonds are often rose-cut’
    ‘the rose cut differs from the brilliant cut’
    • ‘The miniature is framed by a row of thirty large rose-cut diamonds and surrounded by a design of vine scrolls and bunches of grapes in cobalt blue champleve enamel.’
    • ‘On the third finger of her left hand she wears not the Galloway diamonds (they were safely stowed in the bank), but a large 19 th-century, rose-cut diamond ring.’
    • ‘One of the most stunning pieces in the exhibition is a dramatic, dark-blue art nouveau cigarette case, which has a rose-cut diamond serpent snaking across it, evoking the Vienna of the Secession rather than the St Petersburg of the Tsars.’
    • ‘The watch shown in Plate III typifies such memorial jewelry, combining a plait of woven hair surrounded by a wreath of silver forget-me-nots set with rose-cut diamonds, and a circle of half pearls around the watchcase.’
    • ‘It was a large, ovular, rose-cut stone the color of the night sky.’