Definition of roscoe in English:



dated, informal
  • A gun, especially a pistol or revolver.

    • ‘Not to be upstaged by a nutcase, one of the posse whupped out his own roscoe and shot Eddie again.’
    • ‘These guys didn't pay attention in Basic Robbery School when they were told you should smoothly pull on your ski mask and whup out your roscoe as you step in the door of the bank.’
    • ‘Yep, it was 46 cops from Paraiba, all decked out in sports gear, but not one of 'em packin’ a roscoe.’
    • ‘As you look at the photos, make a pretend gun with your fingers, tuck your fleshy roscoe under your arm and give it a try.’
    • ‘They dropped the gloves and sack, and busted out their roscoes.’


Early 20th century: from the surname Roscoe.