Definition of rosarian in English:



  • A person who cultivates roses, especially as an occupation.

    • ‘They may need protection from the elements in cold climates, and they may need protection against certain insects or diseases in other climates, but a determined rosarian could probably grow roses on the moon.’
    • ‘Growing roses as an herb means the prospective rosarian must also be concerned with selecting roses less susceptible to pests and diseases, thereby reducing the need for pesticides in and around other herbs.’
    • ‘Zone ratings applied to roses should not keep the rosarian from trying different rose classes, however.’
    • ‘By inducing a dormancy period each winter, rosarians will find that their rose plants will grow and bloom for many years, will be healthier and more vibrant, and will produce larger flowers on stronger canes.’
    • ‘For the rosarian, this may occur during greenhouse propagation of rose cuttings.’
    • ‘Many rosarians agree that Epsom salts produces more new canes at the bottom of the plant (bottom breaks) and darker green foliage.’
    • ‘As a committed rosarian, I confess to having packed far too many roses into my London garden.’
    • ‘Today, I grow more than 70 roses, and I am a card-carrying rosarian.’
    • ‘As with the aphid controls, we rosarians have an arsenal of weapons with which to combat these pesky critters.’
    • ‘It is also the only way for all cold climate rosarians to protect tree roses that are planted in the ground.’
    • ‘Southern rosarians are still enjoying their roses in the landscape and as cut flowers, and it's important to continue to keep your plants pest and disease free.’
    • ‘Some rosarians also report success by pruning away galls and spraying the infected area with an anti-bacterial solution.’
    • ‘Remember that cold climate rosarians will want to prune their modern roses, especially the hybrid teas, fairly low in the spring anyway, so it's not necessary to cover the canes from top to bottom.’
    • ‘Fungal rose diseases are experienced by most rosarians and can occur in most any garden.’
    • ‘Some rosarians feed their roses something nearly every day.’
    • ‘Many rosarians begin a fertilizer program with new growth in the spring, then fertilize monthly or lightly every two weeks until September.’
    • ‘Along with the other noteworthy roses shown on these pages, the following old roses are favorites of rosarians for fragrance.’
    • ‘Most experienced rosarians carry the following in their kits.’
    • ‘In the Midwest, cucumber beetles will arrive in August, posing the same problems for heartland rosarians as Japanese beetles do for most rosarians east of the Rockies.’
    • ‘In areas where water restrictions can thwart a gardener's best efforts, rosarians might want to consider using a soil polymer to maintain moisture in the soil for a longer period of time.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin rosarium ‘rose garden, rosary’ + -an.