Definition of roping in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of catching or securing something with ropes.

    ‘calf roping’
    • ‘But most guests prefer a more active role on the ranch: herding cattle from one pasture to another, rounding up strays, and learning team penning, roping, or cutting.’
    • ‘The power in Corb's songs is his ability to bring his world of roughnecks and steer roping to life on the stage.’
    • ‘Number eight, you enjoy riding, roping and redecorating.’
    • ‘Untill then, you will take rounding, herding and roping classes from my staff.’
    • ‘For 84 years, Red Bluff, with 13,000 residents and a whole lot of Victorian homes, has hosted this annual celebration of roping, racing, and riding.’
    • ‘A professional rider until her retirement in 1937, Kreig entered four traditional events: calf roping, bronc riding, bulldogging, and steer riding.’
    • ‘He was so happy, telling me about his friend's younger sister who had just won a roping contest.’
    • ‘They had a couple of older cowboys that would do the roping, including my father and my Uncle Arthur.’
    • ‘This allowed women to enter rodeo contests on an ad-hoc basis and to compete in a limited number of traditional events, such as calf roping and cutting.’
    • ‘For more than 50 years, the team roping event at the Lion's Arena has been one of Three Rivers' biggest annual events.’
    • ‘Apart from herding, corralling, separating, branding and roping, I won a calf first go and the rawhide lasso nearly ripped my hands off.’
    • ‘Naturally, the way to Penelope's heart is to show off a prowess in shooting, roping and riding.’
    • ‘The morning proceeded just like any other around here: repairing fences, roping, keeping tabs on our cattle.’
    • ‘Diversions include everything from roping and riding to minicourses in Native American crafts, but some visitors do little except laze in a hammock, soak in a hot tub, or take a slow boat ride on nearby Blue Lake.’
    • ‘Then, of all things, she'd taken up spinning and needlework and all those feminine accomplishments she'd always scorned in favor of roping and riding.’
    • ‘If equestrian sports are your forte, there are many offerings in the Leitrim area, but perhaps the most unusual is Drumcoura City, a real wild west town were Arizona cowboys teach western riding, roping and reining.’
    • ‘Part of the Atlantic Stampede's appeal during its 14 years of bull riding and calf roping is its focus on entertainment.’
    • ‘She could do anything he could, from riding and roping to branding the cattle and castrating the bulls.’
    • ‘I did everything: steer wrestling, calf roping, barrel racing, and my favorite, saddle bronco.’
  • 2Ropes collectively.

    ‘I grabbed the stiff, wet roping’
    • ‘His installations, made of scrap objects and tied up with tangled roping, dominate the landscape.’