Definition of root someone on in English:

root someone on

phrasal verb

North American
  • Cheer or spur someone on.

    ‘his mother rooted him on enthusiastically from ringside’
    • ‘I was rooting him on, along with the others in his small but fervent peanut gallery.’
    • ‘Just tell me who was there rooting you on when you were even trying out for those rinky-dink teams?’
    • ‘‘There's a lot of instant gratification, with other people rooting them on, like a game show,’ Bloom says.’
    • ‘So he can come watch me fight and he can keep on rooting me on.’
    • ‘The others were rooting Jerry on by saying, ‘Go Jerry!’’
    • ‘If you sponsor races or leagues, ensure that at least one club employee attends the events and makes it known to members that he or she is there rooting them on.’
    • ‘And Spencer Tracy, he told me once, would visit the set of other movies being shot and root them on.’
    • ‘Your father, who had won a bronze medal in the Olympics in 1956, was one of those rooting you on.’
    • ‘I didn't play my best, but the knowledge that a friendly face was in the stands, rooting me on, definitely helped.’
    • ‘There were fans screaming and yelling and rooting us on.’