Definition of root cellar in English:

root cellar


North American
  • A domestic cellar used for storing root vegetables.

    • ‘The carrots and potatoes are in gunny sacks, resting in the root cellars while the onions have been hung in a mesh bag from the ceiling to dry.’
    • ‘They have a fan-cooled root cellar, store winter squash in an insulated box truck and grow supplemental greens in trays on benches in a greenhouse heated to a nighttime minimum temp of 42 degrees.’
    • ‘Check the root cellar and pantry for spoilage in onions, apples and squash.’
    • ‘Put them into a plastic bag with a number of small holes, and put these in a cold root cellar or in the crisper of the refrigerator.’
    • ‘They dried some and packed the keeper varieties snugly into barrels for storage in the root cellar; planning ahead for the cakes and pies they would enjoy all winter.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, most homes today don't come equipped with caves or old-fashioned cave-mimicking root cellars, so we rely on food brokers and warehouses to store vegetables like winter squash for us.’
    • ‘Although we have a true root cellar outside for the bulk of our winter vegetable crops, the cold storage under the floor gives us a place for apples and cabbage, which prefer drier conditions and don't store well with potatoes.’
    • ‘For longest storage, refrigerate onions - especially sweet varieties - because the refrigerator is as close as we can get to root cellars today.’
    • ‘The root cellar for maintaining a constant cool temperature for the vegetables in the era prior to electricity and refrigerators was interesting.’
    • ‘Some of our dedicated customers come on a self-serve basis since they enjoy the fresh greens in the dead of winter, and our vegetables in the root cellar (potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, etc.) also add to their selection.’
    • ‘The cook at my favorite restaurant astonished me by keeping cabbage fresh for months by pulling it up and hanging it upside down by the roots in her own root cellar.’
    • ‘If you want to keep leeks through damaging cold periods, harvest and store them in a root cellar.’
    • ‘She must keep a cool root cellar somewhere to have apples this late in Spring.’
    • ‘The door to the root cellar from the kitchen was open, and my mother emerged with a handful of small onions.’