Definition of root and branch in English:

root and branch


  • Used to express the thorough or radical nature of a process or operation.

    ‘root-and-branch reform of personal taxation’
    • ‘This show demonstrates the determination of these artists not simply to rewrite the rules of fine art, but to recreate every aspect of their visual world, root and branch.’
    • ‘The place really is in dire need of root and branch reform.’
    • ‘We need a council of the Church that includes both the laity and the bishops and the clergy to get at this problem root and branch.’
    • ‘While one might want to ridicule a particular expression of curiosity, he would be careful of dismissing curiosity root and branch.’
    • ‘Pakistan, which is not a member of this grouping, has also been expressing its resolve to destroy the menace root and branch.’
    • ‘This, of course, is a post hoc error, one that most Americans reject, root and branch.’
    • ‘But there is another possibility altogether: An individual or a community may entirely reject its own visceral code, root and branch, for the sake of what it has come to see as an ethically superior plane of existence.’
    • ‘Mr Davis takes issue with this claim root and branch.’
    • ‘The United States and other countries should be working to eradicate it, root and branch.’
    • ‘You see, when someone attacks our caravans, we go after 'em root and branch.’
    completely, entirely, wholly, totally, utterly, thoroughly
    complete, total, entire, utter, thorough
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root and branch

/ˌruːt ən(d) ˈbrɑːn(t)ʃ/