Definition of rooster tail in English:

rooster tail


North American
  • 1The spray of water thrown up behind a speedboat or surfboard.

    • ‘Send up some rooster tails as you zip across the lake on water skis.’
    • ‘Looking to the stern I could see a big white water rooster tail created by the power of the outboard motors as they took us further offshore.’
    • ‘The water in front of us slices upward in a mighty rooster tail of spray as a speedboat pivots into a turn.’
    • ‘I was spared the effort of a snappy retort by Steve opening up the engines and hitting a swift and smooth 25 knots which had the youngsters' mouths falling open at the sight of the rooster tail appearing at the stern.’
    • ‘Just when I thought it was impossible for them to avoid a carbon-splintering collision, the two drivers deftly spun their helms and both boats shot head-to-wind, white rooster tails exploding out from under their scooped sterns.’
    • ‘The big outboards pushed the skiffs along through the tea brown waters at full speed, the propellers throwing up rooster tails of water.’
    1. 1.1 A spray of dust, gravel, etc. thrown up behind a motor vehicle.
      • ‘Lee launched himself like a bullet, kicking up dust over 50 feet tall, leaving a rooster tail of rock and dirt in his wake.’
      • ‘The Dart sprayed a rooster tail of gravel as he pulled away.’
      • ‘On lap 3, Bahlsen crossed the line with a rooster tail of oily smoke bellowing out of his stricken block and proceeded to take the first corner dumping lots of it all over the racing line before he noticed and stopped.’