Definition of rooming house in English:

rooming house


North American
  • A lodging house.

    • ‘The rooming houses where many of New York's single men lived also often accommodated gay men as tenants, respecting their privacy and permitting them to bring home male visitors.’
    • ‘I should have spun on my heels and ran when he slipped the key into the lock of that shabby rooming house.’
    • ‘He roamed between jobs and rooming houses before working for the US postal service for 10 years.’
    • ‘I hadn't been to this area in close to fifteen years, and the modest rooming house where I'd stayed the last time was boarded up and abandoned when I got there.’
    • ‘The older, centrally located colonial houses are now occupied by offices or have been turned into rooming houses or hotels.’
    • ‘She located there with her boyfriend; they having resided in a previous rooming house with shared accommodations.’
    • ‘It's the tale of a pensioner and the quirky tenants in his rooming house, acting out a colourful meditation on the joy of being alive.’
    • ‘She moves into a rooming house with a moronic landlady and fends off advances from her fellow tenant, a drunken fool.’
    • ‘Most often, these early immigrants would live together in crowded rooming houses or primitive hostels in urban centers of the industrial northeastern United States.’
    • ‘On our first visit to a downtown rooming house, the residents know him by name.’
    • ‘Last week we focused on personal safety, why homeless people are often fined for breaches of local by-laws and minor public order offences; and the legal rights of those living in rooming houses and other marginal accommodation.’
    • ‘We had one project where we took a rooming house and renovated it and we ran into a lot of unforeseen costs, dealing with code issues.’
    • ‘He drops out of school, moves into a rundown rooming house, telling no one his new address, and spends his time drinking and bar fighting.’
    • ‘There is a perpetual need for low-income housing in Toronto, and many people embrace the transient lifestyle rooming houses offer.’
    • ‘Even when these laws were gone, there were hotels, rooming houses and restaurants that refused to serve, bus and train operators that refused passage.’
    • ‘Initially, single or married men were likely to immigrate alone, living in crowded quarters or rooming houses, saving their money and sending large amounts back to Poland.’
    • ‘The rooming houses and cafeterias that did admit them were always on the wrong side of the tracks.’
    • ‘Over the last two years, the city's shelters and rooming houses have gradually become severely infested with bedbugs.’
    • ‘They had never had a proper home as a family in Germany: touring with the dance company and staying in rooming houses, the children living most of the time with their grandmother and great-aunts, away from the parents.’
    • ‘There were no rooming houses and although Mary offered to let him sleep in the supply room on the floor, he preferred the straw of the stable.’


rooming house