Definition of roomie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrʊmi//ˈruːmi/


North American
  • A room-mate.

    • ‘But then no one caught us sneaking into the hotel that morning, either, and my roomies weren't going to rat on me, since some of them may have been guilty of some other infraction.’
    • ‘One thing that is important to consider are the many qualities of a compatible roomie.’
    • ‘Like, there's no way to feel good when your two roomies are in romantic relationships, under your nose, and you're not.’
    • ‘We're roomies, of course, I feel safer knowing that Mattie's around rather than me in a house all by myself.’
    • ‘However, you will be able to fill out a personal profile, which they will use to create matches with like-minded potential roomies.’
    • ‘When mom gets jailed indefinitely for drugs, the uncle and kid, forced to be roomies, adjust uneasily to each other's lifestyle, come to understand one another, and finally become inseparable.’
    • ‘We planned on going to college together, and we would be roomies.’
    • ‘In the meantime, they supposedly can't afford any raises larger than the recent whopping 4% one, and I am so broke I just had to borrow money from one of my roomies to make it to the next payday.’
    • ‘As I was just lying there thinking such thoughts, the door to the room opened and in came our roomies, the brother and sister duo.’
    • ‘What if everyone agrees (in writing) that if they miss a chore and don't discuss it in advance with the roomies, they have to contribute another $5 to the rent (or buy everyone beer or dinner).’
    • ‘Nicole and I are roomies, and I'm a senior, too,’ said another girl getting out of the desk chair.’
    • ‘I can't wait to find out how my new roomie will torment me.’
    • ‘Before we decided to be roomies, we agreed to have dates not sleep over.’
    • ‘We just became roomies and already you're not speaking to me.’
    • ‘Doug came around to help move some of the roomies out.’
    • ‘I suppose I better be getting home, my roomies might be wondering where I am.’
    • ‘He's been my best friend for years, and we used to be roomies.’
    • ‘I can at least count on my roomies to say something if I start to stink.’
    • ‘‘I'll be at Jackie's place until I get my own or find a roomie,’ I explained.’
    • ‘Each of his roomies has a different perspective on college life.’