Definition of roofscape in English:



  • A scene or view of roofs, especially when considered in terms of its aesthetic appeal.

    ‘one of the most picturesque aspects of Louth is its roofscape’
    • ‘But the speed with which we've reached here is remarkable; just two minutes, swooping and dipping over farmland on the northern edge of Leeds and then across the city centre roofscapes themselves.’
    • ‘Inconsistent roofscapes on Main Street and varied building colours detract from the attractive village.’
    • ‘Similar, open-air cinema spaces created a sensational roofscape - with the whole ensemble poised over a stepped podium in sandstone.’
    • ‘It is so totally dominant that it seems to be out of keeping what I call the magic fabric of York, the enchanting roofscape that is so special to the city.’
    • ‘Between them run narrow alleys affording breathtaking views over the roofscape and church towers of central Stockholm.’
    • ‘He said that, seen from the ferry road, the development would ‘look more conventional’ and, although the roofscape was still ‘quite unique’, people would only get a glimpse of it from the road.’
    • ‘Stop and look, and appreciate the sheer beauty of the roofscape and the water and land beyond.’
    • ‘From its boat-shaped towers to its sculptured roofscape, its crazy office windows, its expansive reception hall and its gravity-defying cantilevered front entrance, it is an exercise in eccentricity.’
    • ‘Scottish slate's distinguishing features of colour, texture, thickness and range of sizes when split are key contributors to the character of Scottish roofscapes.’
    • ‘On the level above is another world: a complex roofscape of paved terraces, with numerous places to sit and lie.’
    • ‘Peck suggests thinking about rooftops as part of the city's infrastructure, not just something that can pretty up the top of a building: ‘As public tax payers, why not invest in roofscapes just as we do in bridges and roads?’’
    • ‘The fabric of the town is relatively horizontal, the roofscape punctuated only by the town-hall and a church spire, both slightly to the north.’
    • ‘These living roofs improve the energy efficiency of the building below, promote healthier air and enhance the appearance of urban roofscapes.’
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