Definition of roofline in English:



  • The design or proportions of a vehicle's roof.

    • ‘For instance, its swooping roofline makes boot access difficult for larger people.’
    • ‘Passengers are also assured excellent safety thanks to airbags in the roofline to protect their heads.’
    • ‘The cab area has a higher roofline than that that over the cargo section, visible outside by a distinctive ‘hump’ curve.’
    • ‘At the rear, the taillight clusters are stacked vertically, positioned high out of harm's way, and a high-level brake light is integrated into the roofline above the two rear doors.’
    • ‘It is boldly-styled and quite dynamic looking, and features large square headlamps, a sharply-curved and creased bonnet, a swooping roofline and an eye-catching side window design.’
    • ‘It's rare to find roof bars suitable for sports cars - first because of the small and awkwardly shaped rooflines, and second because the market is so small.’
    • ‘He started shaping the future of car design by sculpting models from clay instead of wood, which allowed for dramatic curves and swooping rooflines.’
    • ‘In the 3-door the roofline and seat positions are lower than in the 5-door.’
    • ‘Those included keeping the boxy look, with wheels set at the corners, and preserving the flat roofline to maintain the spirit and look of the Mini of 40 years ago.’
    • ‘The silhouette of the concept is unique, with raked windscreen and an arching roofline that ends in an integral tailgate spoiler.’
    • ‘The test vehicle was a five-door model which has a higher roofline, longer interior and larger boot than the three-door.’
    • ‘The customised automobile had a high roofline, a stainless steel trim, brown leather seats and a sleek exterior.’
    • ‘The Saab is perhaps the more ‘traditional’ looking of the two with a higher roofline and slightly more boxy shape.’
    • ‘The interior of the cabin is appealing, though the low roofline means that this is more a vehicle for the young and fit, than for the old and creaky.’