Definition of roofie in English:



  • A tablet of the drug Rohypnol.

    • ‘It's kinda silly… slipping them a roofie is so much easier.’
    • ‘Elderly people are going so broke with America's health care system that many of them are ordering drugs from Canada just so they'll have a sufficient supply of roofies and marijuana to live comfortably in their remaining days.’
    • ‘Personally, I think the guy just ate some roofies and smoked some really good weed.’
    • ‘I did, however, know people in college who took roofies recreationally, and they claimed that the next morning one felt bright and fresh and renewed, seemingly due to some rebound effect of the depressant wearing off.’
    • ‘Girls cut calculus to get their eyelashes done, and boys distributed roofies during softball practice.’