Definition of Romanize in English:


(British Romanise)


[with object]
  • 1historical Bring (a region, people, etc.) under Roman influence or authority.

    ‘romanized buildings’
    • ‘Britain was a thoroughly Romanized province, or at least the southern portions were.’
    • ‘Even in rural settlements which show few signs of Romanized architecture, imported pottery and glass, coins, Roman-style jewellery, and occasional Latin graffiti are found.’
    • ‘There were certain areas east of the Rhine and north of the Danube that had Roman colonies, but the territory never was Romanized in the thorough fashion that Britain was.’
    • ‘The numbers of Romans were never great, but the indigenous upper classes became Romanized and spoke Latin.’
    • ‘But then Rome grew weak, then Rome failed to adapt to changes in military technology, then Rome stopped Romanizing the barbarians.’
    • ‘They became largely Romanized and for hundreds of years their legions bravely defended the empire.’
  • 2Make Roman Catholic in character.

    ‘he has Romanized the services of his church’
    • ‘From the 11th century the Normans colonized and feudalized much of Wales and Romanized the Church, but the native Welsh retained their own laws and tribal organization.’
    • ‘Most were found reused in the clerestory, where it is thought they were hidden by the church's 17th century ‘Romanising’ rector, John Cosin, to prevent their destruction at the hands of Puritans.’
  • 3Put (text) into the Roman alphabet or into roman type.

    ‘Atatürk's decision to romanize the written language’
    • ‘How can students be expected to compete in the international marketplace when they don't even know the accepted standard for romanizing their own language?’
    • ‘But those who have already had their names Romanized using a different system needn't change the original spelling.’
    • ‘A new kind of literacy in Javanese also came into being, characterised by the use of a Romanised script, writing in prose and use of colloquial language in newspapers and modern literary genres.’
    • ‘So I got into university knowing only the Romanized syllabary.’
    • ‘The session focused on a massive undertaking by American libraries to convert to the pinyin system of romanizing the Chinese language.’
    • ‘Pinyin is the Romanized Chinese phonetic system and is the most effective aid to learning Mandarin today.’
    • ‘Do you think there are Japanese kids (or Chinese, Korean, whatever) going out into the world who don't know how to Romanize everything they can say?’
    • ‘The Hawaiian alphabet was Romanized and first written by early missionaries.’
    • ‘Is the Urdu that you have used in Pakistan the Urdu of the traditional script, or the Urdu of the Romanised script?’
    • ‘The only solution would be for the Thai government to establish fixed rules how the native written language is to be Romanized.’