Definition of Roman baths in English:

Roman baths

plural noun

  • A building containing a complex of rooms designed for bathing, relaxing, and socializing, as used in ancient Rome.

    • ‘Bath in Somerset, contains one of the best examples of a Roman bath complex in Europe.’
    • ‘This system of heating was also used to keep some Roman baths hot if they had no access to naturally heated water.’
    • ‘The pool was inspired by the architecture of Roman baths and has a vaulted ceiling, full of round skylights that allow beams of sunlight to pierce the water.’
    • ‘The Roman baths were abandoned in the C5 and, except for a mention in an Anglo-Saxon poem entitled The Ruin, were forgotten until the C18.’
    • ‘It had a living room, a small dining room, as well as a huge bathroom that looked like a Roman bath.’
    • ‘Finds from the Roman bath excavations are displayed in their original setting.’
    • ‘Guests enjoy a wealth of amenities, and the hotel features an on-site spa, evocative of a contemporary Roman bath.’
    • ‘In fact, archaeologists have found bathroom graffiti on the walls of Roman baths dating back at least 3000 years.’
    • ‘The city is named for its magnificent Roman baths, which are reputed to have the power to heal the sick.’