Definition of rolling strike in English:

rolling strike


  • A strike consisting of a coordinated series of consecutive limited strikes by small groups of workers.

    • ‘Last week, the union began a series of rolling strikes - one day at the Registrar's Office, the next at the libraries, then at the museums and the hospitals.’
    • ‘But as the teachers dug their heels in and embarked on rolling strikes, he made one fatal miscalculation.’
    • ‘It is the first major teachers’ dispute since the rolling strikes of 1985-86.’
    • ‘Stopwork meetings and rolling strikes involving 12 unions are taking place in up to 50 hospital facilities throughout the state.’
    • ‘However, it has cancelled its plan for rolling strike action from this week.’
    • ‘They blocked roads from Sicily to Turin and staged rolling strikes.’
    • ‘The action follows eight hours of rolling strikes earlier this month in protest over an inadequate pay offer and management's refusal to discuss overtime rates.’
    • ‘Unions representing 1,000 bus drivers have called off rolling strikes scheduled this week.’
    • ‘Teachers endorsed a resolution calling for rolling strikes at the beginning of the next school term.’
    • ‘Nurses and other health workers continued rolling strike action this week.’
    • ‘The bank's rural lending settlements staff, who process farm mortgages, also joined the rolling strikes.’
    • ‘Well, thankfully this was called off, and instead they are going to have rolling strikes.’
    • ‘The workers will attend meetings to discuss plans for a series of rolling strikes in pursuit of a 7.5 percent wage increase.’
    • ‘If the negotiations fail to come to an agreement this week, nationwide rolling strikes are scheduled to begin in early May.’
    • ‘Drivers have threatened rolling strike action next week, with walkouts at two bus depots at a time on four consecutive days.’
    • ‘Thirty senior doctors took rolling strike action two months ago to protest over pay rates and working conditions.’
    • ‘The teachers expressed frustration that rolling strikes planned, which are not due to begin until the third week of term, are an inadequate response to the government's failure to agree to a new pay deal.’
    • ‘Rail workers throughout the country are involved in rolling strike action to protest low wages and safety breaches.’
    • ‘Some teachers could go on strike, take rolling strike stoppages, and not have their pay deducted for non-performance in the classroom.’
    • ‘It called for a rolling strike that only brought out 500 janitors on the first day and gradually added a few hundred workers to the picket lines each day.’