Definition of rolling stock in English:

rolling stock


mass noun
  • 1Locomotives, carriages, wagons, or other vehicles used on a railway.

    • ‘In the short run the only way to obtain the necessary locomotives and rolling stock was from abroad; thus a programme of imports was implemented.’
    • ‘Train services were irregular and unsatisfactory, buildings and rolling stock fell into disrepair and tracks became hazardous because of poor maintenance.’
    • ‘However, the railways were now the victim of ‘deferred maintenance’; the upkeep of track and buildings, and the replacement of old rolling stock, were all neglected.’
    • ‘Locomotive sheds and coaling facilities might cover many acres, and many companies developed manufacturing works capable of turning out locomotives and rolling stock.’
    • ‘Southern generals ordered rails torn up, bridges burned, and lacked the foresight to commandeer locomotives and rolling stock to other lines rather than destroying them.’
    • ‘Ninety per cent of the merchant navy had to be handed over, along with 10 per cent of the cattle and a substantial proportion of the rolling stock of the state railway.’
    • ‘The workshop in which they maintain the present rolling stock and restore old locomotives was moved.’
    • ‘Increased traffic meant that rolling stock and equipment wore out faster.’
    • ‘Thsrc invited international bids for the project involving the provision of rolling stock and installation of traffic signal and communication systems for the 340-kilometer line.’
    • ‘It had to increase and renew rolling stock, plant and premises, since the large increases in goods traffic from the end of 1914 and in passenger traffic from 1915 had revealed their unsuitability and poor condition.’
    • ‘Her husband became enamoured of the old rolling stock.’
    • ‘They also had four hospital trains in service adapted from existing rolling stock.’
    • ‘Milk will travel many miles-which can be done quite easily with proper rolling stock.’
    • ‘Anyone with an interest in animal-drawn rolling stock should have a copy of this book.’
    • ‘If you come expecting a round-house full of gleaming rolling stock you may be disappointed, because few locomotives or cars are on display.’
    • ‘Fortunately, for those who care to and with the time to spare, there are still tracks enough, rolling stock and steel wheels to travel back in time and see the world as our forefathers saw it.’
    • ‘The company supplies bus and train services and owns a rolling stock business.’
    • ‘This it did, and in a short time the western railways had accumulated masses of rolling stock which they were unwilling to relinquish but unable to utilize efficiently.’
    • ‘A study of the trade and technical press for the period 1918 to 1923 suggests that he was far from confident initially about the possibility of adapting existing rolling stock and he though at first that an entirely new fleet would be needed.’
    • ‘In addition, the company claimed 185,391 for depreciation of rolling stock, machinery, etc.’
    trains, locomotives, carriages, wagons
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    1. 1.1US The road vehicles of a trucking company.


rolling stock