Definition of rollerblader in English:



  • See Rollerblade

    • ‘See the rollerblader at the end of the sidewalk?’
    • ‘He's a great rollerblader and has recently got into rock climbing, too.’
    • ‘‘We will ‘police’ the skateboarders and rollerbladers and make sure they respect their ‘neighbours’.’’
    • ‘He watched the runners, bikers and rollerbladers all very busy, up and down the banks of the river.’
    • ‘I slowed down to allow an out of control roller-blader to pass by in front of me and was rammed from behind by a woman in a small car.’
    • ‘Those things forbidden included a dog, a rollerblader, a bicycle, and a martini.’
    • ‘For all the roller-bladers, skateboarders and BMX lovers out there, the park has an amazing arrangement of challenging surfaces.’
    • ‘Back home in Holland, a roller-blader crashed outside the player's driveway.’
    • ‘On the way to a club we saw an incredible river of rollerbladers.’
    • ‘I had meant to be on time but as I was walking up from Piccadilly tube station I got knocked to the ground by a speeding rollerblader.’
    • ‘It wouldn't just be for skaters, but for roller-bladers and people on bikes too.’
    • ‘They are used by rollerbladers, stroller-pushers, bicyclists, and rolly-bag toters.’
    • ‘Cyclists and rollerbladers stick to the ten-kilometre sealed track that skirts the edge of Stanley Park, following the sea wall.’
    • ‘There are no stores or amenities on the island and cars are not allowed, making for an abundance of bikers and roller-bladers gliding down the wide paved roads.’
    • ‘I look forward to a dedicated expressway just for roller-bladers.’
    • ‘Sushi restaurants and bars figure prominently, while roller-bladers are conspicuously absent.’
    • ‘And this stylish rollerblader shows off some of her skills in New York's Times Square.’
    • ‘The solution lies with less motor traffic and specially designated lanes for cyclists, rollerbladers, skateboarders and the rest, while reserving the sidewalks for whom they were originally intended: the pedestrians.’
    • ‘All skate or roller-bladers in Laois are invited along.’
    • ‘Our six-year-old friend showed natural ability on the ice, and we decided it had helped that she was an accomplished rollerblader.’