Definition of roller skating in English:

roller skating


mass noun
  • The activity or sport of gliding across a hard surface on roller skates.

    • ‘There were no clubs or poker machines and the social life evolved around dancing, roller skating and the picture theatres.’
    • ‘I once spent an entire evening with my wife at a roller skating rink and never got off the floor.’
    • ‘Again the answer came back a yes, which, of course meant I couldn't go to the roller skating party that afternoon because there would surely be a ‘couples’ skate.’
    • ‘We'll have costume contests and, of course, there's roller skating.’
    • ‘It also had a large roller skating rink where people glided to music.’
    • ‘She passed the mall and shopping center, past the roller skating rink and the favorite teen hangout (though not at the time), and several houses before reaching her own home.’
    • ‘Over the last few years low profile sports such as roller skating, wakeboarding, and surfing have found their way to the video game world in record numbers and have been well received.’
    • ‘By a notice, all ball games, roller skating and skateboarding were prohibited.’
    • ‘He was good at cricket, rugby, roller skating, rowing, shooting, and fishing.’
    • ‘The best part about it was the front porch that spanned the width of the house had the smoothest concretes surface that was super duper for roller skating.’
    • ‘I said she had bruises, she falls a lot roller skating.’
    • ‘If only I'd mastered the art of roller skating first, it would have been perfect.’
    • ‘Are you going to go white water rafting, hiking, biking, roller skating, scuba diving?’
    • ‘There was a roller skating rink and even an indoor ice-skating rink.’


roller skating