Definition of roller skate in English:

roller skate


  • Each of a pair of boots or metal frames fitted to shoes with four or more small wheels, for gliding across a hard surface.

    • ‘I wanted a pair of self-guiding, ball-bearing roller skates.’
    • ‘He imagined himself walking into the kitchen and tripping over roller skates.’
    • ‘The softboot skates feel more like a hiking boot than a roller skate.’
    • ‘They're on old-style roller skates, doing balletic disco-dancing, and this is their anthem.’
    • ‘He came up with a four-wheel skate with two pairs of wheels side by side, and so the modern four-wheel roller skate was created.’
    • ‘They aren't roller skates, they're in-line skates, and I feel decidedly dodgy on them.’
    • ‘Walking hand in hand, we passed several other people on roller skates, in bikinis and swimming trunks, with shopping bags in their hands and all.’
    • ‘In this city, you could get from A to B more quickly on a pair of roller skates!’
    • ‘Waiters glided, as if on invisible roller skates.’
    • ‘The law arrived quickly and ran down their quarry as he tried to make his getaway on one roller skate.’
    • ‘Expect your first time to feel akin to being strapped to a dodgy roller skate in the middle of a quarry.’
    • ‘I tripped over a roller skate in my driveway and fell.’
    • ‘The four wheels and the metal plate on a roller skate are much heavier than the single blade on an ice skate.’
    • ‘Colorful frilly skirts or plaid pants generally gave way to wild sandals or roller skates.’
    • ‘I imagined the kingly roller skates I would wear.’
    • ‘On her feet were white Bobby socks and pink and white roller skates that looked like saddle shoes.’
    • ‘The waitresses are on roller skates, nothing but rock music has been playing all night and there's not a designer label in sight.’
    • ‘In fact, in-line skates are actually easier to skate in outdoors than quad roller skates, because in-line skates are more forgiving of cracks in the pavement.’
    • ‘They run millimetres from the ground and have all the suspension movement of a roller skate.’
    • ‘I grabbed the roller skates and put them on my feet.’


roller skate