Definition of rolled into one in English:

rolled into one


  • (of characteristics drawn from different people or things) combined in one person or thing.

    ‘banks are several businesses rolled into one’
    • ‘It's a tone poem, a scathing indictment of the Texas public health system, a tragedy, and a music video all rolled into one.’
    • ‘The epistolary form in which the novel is written is many things rolled into one.’
    • ‘Shot in black and white with dramatic and significant flashes of colour it's three stories rolled into one.’
    • ‘The online company certainly has changed, but even now it is a hybrid: a bookstore, magazine and electronic agora all rolled into one.’
    • ‘It is essentially three movies rolled into one: a traditional superhero story, a coming-of-age tale, and a romance.’
    • ‘The film is both an action and a survival story rolled into one.’
    • ‘They can be a movie director, designer, inventor, animator and artist rolled into one.’
    • ‘It tries desperately to be a comedy, a romance, a drama, and a musical all rolled into one.’
    • ‘It is a cleverly constructed spin on the life of Shakespeare, a period drama and romantic comedy rolled into one.’
    • ‘He's a wise sage, a joker, a politico, an eccentric artist, a culture buff and a visionary rolled into one.’