Definition of roll with the punches in English:

roll with the punches


  • 1(of a boxer) move one's body away from an opponent's blows so as to lessen the impact.

    • ‘His technique was to roll with the punches.’
    • ‘Some nights, like his fight with Davey Moore, he'd roll with the punches.’
    • ‘Least I forget, he was slipping punches or rolling with the punches to diminish their impact.’
    1. 1.1 Adapt oneself to adverse circumstances.
      • ‘But they are experts and know what to do to roll with the punches.’
      • ‘By devoting time, energy, and commitment to something besides work, it will be much easier to roll with the punches at the office.’
      • ‘Edward rolled with the punches; he accepted the new statutes imposed on him in Parliament, only to repeal them once Parliament had been dissolved.’
      • ‘His limited experience with Angie had taught him that the best way to deal with her was to just roll with the punches.’
      • ‘Arguably, Ireland has rolled with the punches and adapted to necessary change.’
      • ‘He kind of just rolls with the punches and sees things for what they are.’
      • ‘As the following seven cases demonstrate, rolling with the punches is good business.’
      • ‘And so far the business community seems to be rolling with the punches.’
      • ‘Be realistic about your expectations and allow yourself to roll with the punches.’
      • ‘As long as you stay aware of your spending and realize the ramifications of all your actions, you can roll with the punches and alter your plans to accommodate any needed changes.’