Definition of roll of honour in English:

roll of honour


  • A list of people whose deeds or achievements are honoured, or who have died in battle.

    • ‘I hope all their names are on some roll of honor somewhere.’
    • ‘All individual and company contributors, except for those desiring to remain anonymous, will be recognized in writing every year in the form of a foundation roll of honor.’
    • ‘Thousands of motorcyclists participated in the Star Rider programme developed by Fingal County Council that topped the roll of honour at the Irish Road Safety Endeavour Awards.’
    • ‘The professor, with the help of many colleagues acknowledged in a list that reads like a roll of honour for services to the real and now threatened NHS, has written a brave, necessary book.’
    • ‘It is traditional for new fellows of the society to walk to the podium in the large meeting room that dominates the building in order to sign the roll of honor and shake the president's hand.’
    • ‘They've never nailed their name to the European Cup roll of honour.’
    • ‘The roll of honour includes many hugely respected figures from Britain's past including William Shakespeare, Horatio Nelson and Charles Darwin.’
    • ‘It's a roll of honour of historical figures over the last 300, 400 years, from Gandhi to Margaret Thatcher.’
    • ‘The roll of honour includes luminaries such as Theodor Mommsen, Max Planck, Albert Einstein and Werner Heisenberg.’
    • ‘A roll of honor was inscribed to one side, bearing the names of every man who had played for the Squad in the last hundred years.’


roll of honour

/ˌrəʊl əv ˈɒnə/