Definition of roll in in English:

roll in

phrasal verb

  • 1Be received in large amounts.

    ‘the money was rolling in’
    • ‘Through it all, they prospered financially as donations to the cause rolled in.’
    • ‘Good crops or bad, high yields or low - it hardly matters, the checks roll in from the federal government, the biggest payroll in farm country.’
    • ‘Now all 20th Century Fox had to do was wait for the money to start rolling in.’
    • ‘He's not incensed over the box office tallies his films garner; the dollars just keep rolling in.’
    • ‘It's a time-tested formula: take some young talented stars, throw them in a genre piece, and watch the money roll in.’
    • ‘As the drinks flow and the money rolls in, Moe takes credit for the creation and cuts Homer out completely.’
    • ‘The caveat, of course, was that their new office was a business and therefore they had to keep the profits rolling in.’
    pour in, flood in, flow in, stream in
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  • 2Casually arrive at a place late.

    ‘Steve rolled in about lunchtime’
    • ‘He rolled in at eight this morning.’
    • ‘I rolled in over an hour late.’
    • ‘She rolled in after 7pm again tonight.’
    • ‘A spirited ‘Five Days In May,’ followed as some stragglers still rolled in.’
    arrive, turn up, appear, walk in, make in an appearance, put in an appearance, show one's face
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