Definition of roll film in English:

roll film


mass noun
  • Photographic film with a protective lightproof backing paper wound on to a spool.

    • ‘When it comes to roll film, inspection is not a very useful option, so he recommends bracketing exposures, developing to the fullest extent possible, and then choosing the negative with the best gradation for printing.’
    • ‘Many modern enlarging papers are designed with an enhanced toe to accommodate roll film users and T-max films.’
    • ‘By 1888 he introduced the small box camera with a 100 exposure roll film inside.’
    • ‘The staining effects are less pronounced for the same development time which must be taken into account when developing roll film intended for platinum printing in pyro.’
    • ‘With the advent and effective marketing of roll film and small hand cameras in the 1880s amateur photography became popular throughout the United States; so did snapshot albums.’
    • ‘Many years later, photographers with hand-held cameras that used sheet and roll film turned photojournalism into a gripping art form.’
    • ‘This process can be used to develop 35 mm, roll film, and sheet film in tanks following conventional procedures with no special precautions.’
    • ‘For example, lots of papers are probably designed with roll film users in mind and have longer toes to accommodate denser highlights on those etc.’
    • ‘In contrast to the above techniques, ‘chemical solarization ‘is quite suited to roll film given instantaneous outdoor exposure in a camera.’’
    • ‘Excellent enlarged negatives for kallitype can also be made digitally from 35 mm roll film and sheet film originals.’


roll film

/ˈrəʊl fɪlm/