Definition of roguish in English:



  • 1Characteristic of a dishonest or unprincipled person:

    ‘he led a roguish and uncertain existence’
    • ‘The company is a decidedly mixed bunch, and inevitably a few ‘dirty stories’ are told by the more roguish members of the group.’
    • ‘There is an awkward hero, there are a whole band of roguish characters, and there is the requisite bad guy.’
    • ‘He's a creation of note, that's for sure: smug, weasely, roguish.’
    • ‘Bill, roguish but engaging and relaxed, held the crowd rapt.’
    • ‘He's intelligent, roguish and utterly plausible making every action both incredible and utterly believable.’
    • ‘Their only real diversions are the films shown at the local picture house, along with the odd illicit screening of banned pictures smuggled into the country by a roguish hotel owner.’
    • ‘Romantic comedies pitch likeable young girls with roguish rough men, usually resulting in a personality transformation for the latter as he falls in love with the girl of his dreams.’
    • ‘The roguish Milo steals the show and is completed Maura, his wife, in a more consolatory role.’
    • ‘They are brought together after 17 years when the roguish patriarch returns to the fold, apparently dying of cancer.’
    unprincipled, dishonest, deceitful, unscrupulous, untrustworthy, reprobate, shameless, wicked, villainous
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  • 2Playfully mischievous:

    ‘he gave her a roguish smile’
    • ‘Edgar is an ex-stuntman who hides his machismo behind a roguish grin.’
    • ‘The actor's roguish, rough-and-tumble approach isn't well-suited to playing a heroic type, and his version of the Greek king lacks both presence and charisma.’
    • ‘Certainly there's a picaresque or roguish quality to many of the characters and elaborately exaggerated situations presented here, but that only tells part of the tale.’
    • ‘His face cracks into a lop-sided, roguish grin.’
    • ‘John winked at me with the roguish charm for which he is renowned and I took it as camaraderie.’
    • ‘I have a hard time imagining that this character in the novels is quite the shaggy surfer dude with a vestigial southern accent and laid back roguish charms that he is in the film.’
    • ‘It's that roguish spirit that unites these tracks into a glorious whole.’
    • ‘With his trousers hoisted slightly too high above his waist, long grey hair grazing his collar and a roguish glint in his eye, he charmed us all instantly with a combination of naivety and directness.’
    • ‘He lends Pseudolus his own brand of roguish geniality: even the moment when his eyes lasciviously follow a courtesan's rotating hips is purged of offence by his unthreatening charm.’
    • ‘With her roguish good humor and her unself-consciousness, she has a presence that simply pops.’
    • ‘The piece is pretty and roguish, but is never anything more than predictable.’
    • ‘He is the sort of womaniser who never allows himself to stay in a relationship for too long, while she hasn't counted on being won over by his roguish charms.’
    mischievous, playful, teasing, cheeky, naughty, wicked, impish, puckish, devilish, arch, waggish, rakish, raffish
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