Definition of Rogernomics in English:


plural noun

  • often treated as singular The economic and fiscal policies of the former New Zealand Minister of Finance Roger Douglas (born 1937), associated especially with the promotion of unrestricted free-market activity.

    ‘a new wave of Rogernomics will lead to the privatization of Auckland assets’
    • ‘Maori unemployment is half the level it reached in the wake of Labour Rogernomics.’
    • ‘It appointed leaders who had served in ministerial roles during the Rogernomics era.’
    • ‘I was a teenager at the time of Rogernomics.’
    • ‘In a previous interview, he suggested that this election is the end of Rogernomics.’
    • ‘She is trying to distance herself from Sir Roger, and from Rogernomics.’
    • ‘He certainly wasn't among the ranks of those who fought against Rogernomics.’
    • ‘This is almost exactly what happened under Rogernomics.’
    • ‘Had you forgotten that you were right at the heart of Rogernomics?’
    • ‘We disagreed with the thrust of Rogernomics.’
    • ‘Twenty years on, what did Rogernomics really mean for New Zealand?’


1980s: a blend of Roger and economics, on the pattern of Reaganomics.