Definition of roger in English:



  • 1Your message has been received (used in radio communication)

    ‘‘Roger; we'll be with you in about ten minutes.’’
    • ‘‘Bay One, roger,’ I said and clicked off the radio.’
    • ‘‘Lioness 1-1, roger,’ replied Lauren in Lioness 1-1, the leader of the two F - 22s covering the north flank.’
    1. 1.1informal Used to express assent or understanding.
      ‘‘Go light the stove.’ ‘Roger, Mister Bossman,’ Frank replied’
      • ‘You go over to him, I'll observe what he'll do, roger?’
      • ‘‘Roger, roger,’ Lily replied, just as distant-sounding as ever.’
      all right, alright, very well, of course, by all means, sure, certainly, absolutely, indeed, affirmative, in the affirmative, agreed, roger
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[with object]British
vulgar slang
  • (of a man) have sexual intercourse with.


Mid 16th century: from the given name Roger. The verb (dating from the early 18th century) is from an obsolete noun sense ‘penis’.