Definition of rogaining in English:



mass nounNZ, Australian
  • A competitive sport in which runners find their way across open country with a map and compass, similar to orienteering, but held over greater times and distances.

    ‘one feature of rogaining is the opportunity for night navigation’
    • ‘Teamwork and team strategy play a major role in rogaining.’
    • ‘Four members of the team have taken to the sport of rogaining.’
    • ‘The rogaining event in New Zealand was held over 24 hours.’
    • ‘A year later the Victorian Rogaining Association was formed.’
    • ‘Their sport is rogaining - a somewhat shortened term for an endurance field navigation exercise covering up to 200 square kilometres.’
    • ‘Officials have withdrawn rogaining from the list of interservice sports.’
    • ‘Rogaining closely mimics the animal foraging problem of choosing which points to visit in what order.’
    • ‘For those unfamiliar with the sport of rogaining, it is a gruelling physical endurance event.’
    • ‘The soldiers first used rogaining as a means of training when they were both part of the now defunct Land Rescue Team at RAAF Base Richmond.’
    • ‘The identified disciplines are mountain biking, sea kayaking and rogaining.’


1970s: from a blend of parts of the names of Rod, Gail, and Neil Phillips, the game's inventors.