Definition of rodomont in English:



  • A person who boasts or brags.

    • ‘Assaults on the 'liberal' academy were, for a time, consigned to opinion columns penned by conservative rodomonts.’
    • ‘I can never think how I avoided being stabbed myself or stabbing one of these two Rodomonts, and the whole business turned about me like a piece of a dream.’
    • ‘He apologizes, not wanting to be considered a Rodomont, for having to mention his military exploits again.’
    • ‘This type was held up to ridicule and made a coward as well as a rodomont, as in the circumstances was only natural.’
    • ‘He quickly became mild and calm — a posture ill becoming such a Rodomont.’
    boaster, brag, bragger, show-off, blusterer, trumpeter, swaggerer, poser, poseur, poseuse, peacock, egotist, self-publicist
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Late 16th century: French, from Italian rodomonte, from the name of a boastful character in the Orlando epics.