Definition of rodent in English:



  • A gnawing mammal of an order that includes rats, mice, squirrels, hamsters, porcupines, and their relatives, distinguished by strong constantly growing incisors and no canine teeth. They constitute the largest order of mammals.

    Order Rodentia: three suborders. See Sciuromorpha, Myomorpha, and Hystricomorpha

    • ‘Biosolids for land application must pass standards for pathogen levels, concentrations of polluting metals, and for attracting flies, rodents and other disease carriers.’
    • ‘In the dark oil Rats, the rodents swarm in a mass around the corner of a windowless red-brick building, perhaps a factory.’
    • ‘Clean around the bins too, removing high grass, weeds, spilled grain, and debris that attracts insects, rodents, woodchucks and other undesirable wildlife.’
    • ‘All electric components should be sealed to prevent bugs, dust or rodents from damaging components, which could lead to system failure or personal injury.’
    • ‘The longer a seedling takes to emerge, the greater the possibility of stand loss to crusting, disease, insects, and rodents.’
    • ‘It also may provide protected chewing access for small rodents and other animals, which can severely injure the bark and cambium.’
    • ‘He tells the concierge M. Michel about the rat, but the concierge refuses to believe that there are rodents in his building.’
    • ‘Gophers are rodents and have large incisors, like squirrels and mice, that are used for gnawing.’
    • ‘The lines are covered with crushed gravel and have eliminated flooding while also deterring tunneling rodents and preventing grass from growing into the houses.’
    • ‘‘In dairy plants, the biggest issue is flies and the next is rodents,’ he says.’
    • ‘Voles are small, mouselike rodents that exist throughout Nebraska.’
    • ‘However, the second cell must be maintained to keep weeds from growing or rodents from burrowing and potentially damaging the liner.’
    • ‘He shrugs off any discomfort of sharing space with rodents and other wildlife that live in the thatched canopies.’
    • ‘Meat, bones, grease, whole eggs, and dairy products should not be added because they can attract rodents.’
    • ‘Additionally, rodents like gophers may chew on the tapes and leaks can be difficult to repair since they require digging the tapes out.’
    • ‘RB51 did not cause visible signs of disease in birds, rodents, or other wild species.’
    • ‘She discovered, however, that the stored candy attracted the interest of insects and rodents.’
    • ‘Using a standardized checklist, the vets will be looking for practices that would prevent the herd's exposure to infected rodents or wildlife, such as raccoons or foxes, or to raw garbage.’
    • ‘The phenomenon had been found in rodents, but not in swine.’
    • ‘To control rodents our region is rich in natural predators, by that I mean rattlesnakes.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin rodent- ‘gnawing’, from the verb rodere.