Definition of rockslide in English:



  • 1An avalanche of rock or other stony material.

    • ‘There were always small rockslides or mudslides happening there.’
    • ‘Don't forget that, in the end, it's not lightning or rapids, avalanches or equipment, rockslides or icefalls that are going to get you.’
    • ‘She then jumped into the air and, expelling the rest of the energy, created a rockslide that completely filled the opening she'd just made.’
    • ‘On August 28, 1826, following an epochal storm in the White Mountains, the family perished under an enormous rockslide.’
    • ‘A powerful snowstorm cut off power for thousands of people and triggered rockslides across the state.’
    • ‘There had been a minor rockslide and the man's legs were caught under the fallen stones.’
    • ‘Heavy rains being blamed for a series of rockslides in Vermont.’
    • ‘There had been a rockslide and we had to be helicoptered off.’
    • ‘When John Henry starts working on the railroad, he saves his friend Jim from a rockslide, and agrees to take over his workload so that his injured friend can still collect his pay.’
    • ‘One rockslide had already occurred, completely smashing through the Apsilon Fleet.’
    • ‘It used to be a temple, until the rockslides became more frequent.’
    • ‘In addition to these major hazards, there are dozens of rockslides that occur on this highway everyday.’
    • ‘In the process, a client on that team kicks loose a small rockslide, which peppers the rappel chute, where a third team is descending.’
    • ‘As the sonic booms of her passage echoed from the rocky canyons, though, small rockslides tossed debris into the murky water as if to signal some kind of warning.’
    • ‘It may be on geological fault lines, and there is always a risk of surface rockslides, especially in Peru's rainy season.’
    • ‘Once inside the cave, all does not quite go according to plan, as an unexpected rockslide blocks the party's exit route.’
    • ‘A rockslide from ages past, in conjunction with the undercutting and shovelling actions of a glacier, blocked the normal outflow of Medicine Lake.’
    • ‘I shot out one of the boulders on the hill, causing a massive rockslide.’
    • ‘Another dedicated his life to conservation in tribute to his wilderness-loving brother, who was disabled in a Mt. Shasta rockslide.’
    • ‘Perry's whisper was enough to reverberate through the tunnel, causing a rockslide to cover the entrance to the cave!’
    • ‘Authorities say that a six-person party was on its way down from the summit when rockslides hit, killing the team's leader and two others.’
    1. 1.1 A mass of stony material deposited by a rockslide.
      • ‘Visitors looking eastward can gaze upon the dead trees poking from beneath the surface of Earthquake Lake, the lake that formed behind the rockslide.’
      • ‘The rough road that the Russian invaders had cut, following the camel path of the Silk Road, was all but gone - covered by rockslides or swept away by floods and avalanches.’
      • ‘Three of us had threaded the needle between two peaks and descended the rockslides in order to fish a lake perched under the summit of Mount Oso.’
      • ‘Traveling south by van, Teddy and her Nature Conservancy companions were hindered by rockslides but continued on to Deqin.’
      • ‘An overflight of the epicentral region on Wednesday revealed numerous small rockslides and snowslides adjacent to the fault over a 25-mile long zone.’
      • ‘Though there were no reports of major damage, railway transport was interrupted in several places by rockslides or washed-out bridges.’