Definition of rocketeer in English:



  • A person who works with space rockets; a rocket enthusiast.

    • ‘It has agreed to sponsor the 2002 Hull Rocket Trials, a contest which gives young rocketeers the opportunity to put their creations through their paces.’
    • ‘A team of rocketeers has claimed success in their goal of launching the first amateur rocket into space.’
    • ‘A second team of rocketeers competing for the $10 million Ansari X Prize has officially announced the first launch date for its manned rocket.’
    • ‘There are even schisms within the group, mostly between the hardcore fuel propellant rocketeers and the water-jet proponents.’
    • ‘The Saturn V, the crowning achievement of Wernher von Braun's rocketeers, was the most powerful rocket ever built.’
    • ‘Professional rocketeers from the Starchaser project gave a presentation alongside their Nova rocket.’
    • ‘US troops returning from a futile mission to track down the rocketeers described the experience as ‘just like Vietnam.’’
    • ‘The rookie rocketeer instinctively hit the right breaker and all power was restored.’
    • ‘But the secret may be to use antimatter as fast as it is generated - a challenge for rocketeers of the twenty-first century.’
    • ‘Nasa and other rocketeers usually choose liquid or solid fuels.’
    • ‘There's plenty of technology on the shelf and in the fertile minds of garage-mechanic rocketeers around the world, especially in North America.’
    • ‘Also, with the $10 million X Prize now fully funded, at least for the near term, there is an additional financial incentive for entrepreneurial rocketeers.’
    • ‘ESA rocketeers are hoping that the payload does not actually end up in the Atlantic - as happened during the last Ariane 5 ECA launch in 2002.’
    • ‘‘We're heading out to North By Northeast in a couple of weeks to play a showcase for some industry types,’ reveals the rocketeer.’
    • ‘In this case the team of student rocketeers would share a similar, if humbling, experience with many professional rocket designers and engineers: a launch vehicle failure.’
    • ‘But no script can hope to match the life of the German rocketeer behind the experiment whose real story is revealed today for the first time.’
    • ‘After its initial rendezvous, the spacecraft will spend five months near the asteroid named after the late rocketeer Hideo Itokawa, father of Japan's space program.’
    • ‘Organisers are opening up the contest to youngsters from across the region to take on its champion rocketeers in reaching for the stars.’