Definition of rock solid in English:

rock solid


  • Unlikely to change, fail, or collapse.

    ‘her love was rock solid’
    • ‘Christie provides rock-solid support for Kurosaki's violin, and the music's harmonic foundation is never in question.’
    • ‘There is some graininess and picture noise from time to time, but for the most part the image is rock-solid.’
    • ‘Despite the rockiness of the show's fourth season, HBO has once again given the series a rock-solid presentation on DVD.’
    • ‘What stands out is Noble's fervid imagination and rock-solid technique.’
    • ‘Directed with a magnificent hand, shot expertly with beautiful cinematography, this is a wonderfully moving script, with incredible acting, and a rock-solid DVD presentation.’
    • ‘The regulars are rock-solid as always.’
    • ‘I think it is important to have a rock-solid technique that will not let me down and will give me longevity and flexibility to allow me to do the things I want to do.’
    • ‘At its heart, Rushmore is a genuine, rock-solid human life-story flavored with pathos and comedy and sprinkled with classic movie references.’
    • ‘The paintings are all frontal and straightforward, rock-solid and penetrating, yet have an ethereal quality.’
    • ‘Natural use of humor permeates the Studio in an upbeat environment, backed up with rock-solid teaching.’
    • ‘It's great cinema too, built on the rock-solid foundation of this world-weary script.’
    • ‘Both actors turn in the sort of rock-solid character performances that have made them industry staples.’
    • ‘At the same time, it's moving to see how panicked the older nuns are at the changes taking place in their formerly rock-solid world.’
    • ‘With such a rock-solid and steadfast premise, the most drastic changes to the show usually involve cast replacements.’
    • ‘If Harl now worries about the future of rock-solid family farms, it's time for all of us to be worried, no matter how competitive we think we are.’
    • ‘Her singing is rock-solid and exciting, and she seems to have an endless supply of lung power.’
    • ‘Steely Dan is a combination of rock-solid music and biting satire mixed with humor, a band that has been around seemingly forever.’
    • ‘Based on the rock-solid foundation of a legend from a thousands-of-years-old oral tradition, this film has no problem meeting the standard for a good Arctic movie.’
    • ‘Within its romantic sitcom genre, this is a rock-solid entry that may enchant new viewers.’
    • ‘Janzer's viola tone is gorgeous, and Szabo provides a rock-solid foundation and attractive tone throughout his instrument's register.’


rock solid