Definition of rock salmon in English:

rock salmon


  • 1A tropical snapper which occurs both in the sea and in rivers, valued for food and sport.

    Lutjanus argentimaculatus, family Lutjanidae

  • 2British mass noun Dogfish or wolf fish as food.

    • ‘There's also a firmer, meatier, stronger-flavored rock salmon, aka dogfish; a salty, tasty whiting; and, of course, a moist and flaky cod, the gold standard of the fried-fish genre.’
    • ‘There's a traditional East Midlands fish and chip shop on the front, one among many, that serves the best rock salmon and chips you'll find anywhere.’
    • ‘The chain had been serving 17 tonnes of cod a year, but simply replaced them with fish such as coley, rock salmon, whiting and plaice.’
    • ‘My delight is a good fillet of rock salmon, fresh cooked, hot and steamy inside a soft batter jacket all crisp and sizzled on the outside.’
    • ‘If you want another fright, the wolf-fish is one of several fish sold as rock salmon in your local chip-shop!’