Definition of rock out in English:

rock out

phrasal verb

  • Perform rock music loudly and vigorously.

    ‘the Waterboys rock out fiercely in one of the most anthemic tracks the band has recorded’
    • ‘He never really came close to rocking out with conviction over the past 20-plus years like he did at the start of his career - until now.’
    • ‘When they aren't rocking out, the band do what they can to encourage their fans to become politically aware and get out to the voting polls.’
    • ‘The self-confident singer rocked out, freestyled with natural ease and steamed up the room with poetry and poise and an intense, extended version of ‘Sun Again.’’
    • ‘The vocalist speaks rather than sings, and the band rocks out more than it has in the past.’
    • ‘Performing a variety of songs from all three albums, the band rocked out on a dynamic rollercoaster that ranged from the softest melodies to pounding virtual thrash metal.’
    • ‘The Canadian guitar god should have been dressed in a schoolboy uniform as he rocked out like AC/DC throughout the performance.’
    • ‘With just a square black stage and some colourful lights, it almost felt like the group were rocking out at their local bar - except for the thousands of screaming hordes.’
    • ‘For whatever reason, I believe band possesses this propensity for rocking out.’
    • ‘Merely watching the two beautiful females in the group rock out is enough.’
    • ‘They rock out with unexpected intensity, but the song ends quickly, leaving the listener hoping for the band to flex their rock muscles a bit more.’