Definition of rock mouse in English:

rock mouse


  • 1Any of several Eurasian rodents of the family Muridae inhabiting rocky areas; specifically †(a) a rodent occurring in Siberia (not identified) (obsolete); (b) the broad-toothed field mouse, Apodemus mystacinus, a large grey mouse of south-eastern Europe and western Asia (rare).

  • 2Any of various African rodents inhabiting rocky areas; specifically (a) = rock rat; (b) = rock rat; (c) any of several small nocturnal mice constituting the genus Petromyscus (family Muridae or Nesomyidae).

  • 3Any of several American deer mice of the genus Peromyscus (family Muridae or Cricetidae).


Late 18th century. From rock + mouse.


rock mouse

/ˈrɒk maʊs/