Definition of rock hole in English:

rock hole


  • A natural depression in a rock in which rainwater collects.

    ‘in this desert region, Aborigines were particularly dependent on rock holes for survival’
    • ‘Aborigines were particularly dependent on rock holes for water survival.’
    • ‘He got to the rock-hole where they had camped the night before.’
    • ‘Their Dreamings dominate the scene to such an extent that I doubt if ever again I shall be able to look at a rock hole with the same eyes.’
    • ‘The iguanas do occasionally nest in rock holes that have some dirt inside.’
    • ‘The varied springs, waterholes, rock holes and ancient paintings make this place one of the most spectacular in Australia.’
    • ‘It is a small but well-known rock-hole on the western slopes of the Urremerne Range.’
    • ‘She paints the rock holes, saltpans, and ritual centres that were once part of her bush life.’
    • ‘These tight passageways mimic the rock holes and tree cavities where the amphibians naturally shelter from predators.’
    • ‘Their paintings celebrate the ever-shifting colours of the desert, the rock holes and soak holes where life-giving water is found.’
    • ‘These days, farmers store lemons in rock holes.’