Definition of robustness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality or condition of being strong and in good condition.

    ‘the overall robustness of national and international financial systems’
    • ‘He proposed that skeletal robustness should be the most important determinant controlling the temporal resolution of the fossil record.’
    • ‘Overall body robustness is an important contributing factor to preservation.’
    • ‘We would ascribe the brow ridge's extra robustness in gorillas to causes other than eye protection.’
    • ‘These taxa are subdivided generally on the basis of robustness of the premolars.’
    • ‘This divergence may be explained by genomic differences between these two species that are reflected in their relative robustness.’
    • ‘Apatosaurus shows some positively allometric trends that probably correlate with the overall robustness of its femur.’
    • ‘Some aspects of classification are related to skeletal robustness.’
    • ‘Seedling robustness decreased with increased litter depth.’
    • ‘Bootstrap re-samplings were performed to test the robustness of trees.’
    • ‘Such robustness of shell aperture is due to thickening of this part of the shell.’
    1. 1.1 The ability to withstand or overcome adverse conditions or rigorous testing.
      ‘we can examine the robustness of our results’
      • ‘We can deliver the same data rate across the network but at double the distance and with greater robustness.’
      • ‘The approach allows a likelihood ratio test to assess the robustness of the clock.’
      • ‘The robustness of these estimates should be checked by excluding the samples of one or more of the areas alternatively.’
      • ‘The study could reveal something to engineers about robustness of their designs.’
      • ‘Such an overlap between the results from the different analyses clearly demonstrated the robustness of the procedure.’
      • ‘We reanalysed the data, which confirmed the robustness of our first conclusion.’
      • ‘We've got to work on reliability, robustness, ease of use, and range.’
      • ‘This has been a powerful tool in molecular evolution despite some skepticism regarding the robustness of these methods.’
      • ‘It protects the drive against shock from mishandling, increasing the robustness of the devices into which it's integrated.’
      • ‘We perform numerous simulation studies to investigate the robustness, power, and precision of our statistical mapping method.’