Definition of robustly in English:



  • 1In a determined and forceful way.

    ‘the company would robustly defend itself against accusations’
    • ‘She is somehow too robustly formidable, and the idea of killing her doesn't have the right mixture of pathos and horror.’
    • ‘With all the main economic indicators deteriorating, he attempted to maintain support by a robustly nationalist line.’
    • ‘Even a robustly secured wireless access point can be cracked in a matter of hours.’
    • ‘She was playing the piano as robustly as ever in the background.’
    • ‘The contention that they were stridently opposed to the uprising is robustly disputed.’
    • ‘He would reclaim a high degree of species-typical functioning, living more robustly the unique life of a kangaroo.’
    • ‘He robustly retaliates with the view that nothing is off limits in the defeat of fascism.’
    • ‘The majority of the global brands are performing robustly.’
    • ‘The painter's human figures, although robustly outlined, are spectral.’
    • ‘The British had a robustly ethnocentric view of their new sports.’
    1. 1.1 In a sturdy and strong way.
      ‘the panels are robustly made concrete slabs’
      • ‘They will probably be robustly built and will be capable of adaptation.’
      • ‘Chimps are less robustly built than gorillas.’
      • ‘Such ships were robustly built with stout planking secured to massive framing timbers.’
      • ‘The designer is a robustly hetero working-class lad whose miner father was also a dab hand with a needle.’
      • ‘The board is robustly constructed, and the signal paths generate a clean, unambiguous signal.’
      • ‘He is a gifted and virtuosic dancer, robustly masculine in performance and blessed with handsome good looks and a glamorous stage presence.’
      • ‘Robustly architectural, his abstractions of the 1930s influenced the work of a generation to come.’
      • ‘The finishes are colourful, inventive, and robustly functional.’
      • ‘His account of the image suggests that these robustly modeled features were fortuitously acquired rather than physiognomically specific to the subject.’
      • ‘As the very robustly constructed vehicle weighs considerably more than the VW model, its performance was slightly worse.’