Definition of robotic in English:



  • 1Relating to or of the nature of robots.

    ‘a robotic device for performing surgery’
    ‘the lander has a robotic arm that will dig into the Martian surface to collect samples for analysis’
    • ‘One day the system could evolve into a robotic device for continuous monitoring of crop canopies in a production setting.’
    • ‘Material handling is also state of the art, including robotic palletization.’
    • ‘‘Increasing automation through robotic packaging is what we are looking into right now,’ he says.’
    • ‘Bundles make their way down a conveyor and are stacked on pallets by one of two automated robotic cranes, nicknamed ‘Chilly’ and ‘Willy.’’
    • ‘‘Machine vision’ refers to robotic equipment that can ‘see’ product defects.’
    • ‘Future capital expenditures are earmarked for implementing robotic technology in the facility's butter room for packaging and palletization.’
    • ‘Long robotic arms reach several stories high to easily store and retrieve products with speed and accuracy, no matter how large or complex the inventory.’
    • ‘It consisted of a robotic drill mounted on a track and programmed to randomly pierce the gallery walls as it moved from room to room.’
    • ‘Fastcorp reconfigured its ice cream vending machines five years ago to keep moving parts outside the freezer, and ice cream is delivered to the consumer by a vacuum attached to a robotic arm.’
    • ‘He programmed some voice-recognition capabilities to operate CAD systems and even experimented with robotic arms to handle floppy disks.’
    • ‘Slender robotic video camera pylons telescope up and down, enabling the church to broadcast live events with minimal sight line intrusion to the pulpit.’
    • ‘The Michigan-based manufacturer of conventional and robotic palletizing machinery has been purchased by another company.’
    • ‘The facility's fully automated robotic palletizer is capable of palletizing both half-gallon and quart-size corrugated boxes simultaneously.’
    • ‘‘The robotic palletization versus the hand palletization - that is an area where we've really invested some dollars up front to eliminate back injuries,’ he says.’
    • ‘It's also renowned for its constant quest to improve through homegrown technology, like clean rooms, proprietary software programs and robotic mat cutters.’
    • ‘We also installed new case packers, a new check weigher system, robotic palletizers and automatic box formers.’
    • ‘But what's new about tilling is that it uses automated, robotic equipment to quickly screen for mutations - gene by gene, one piece of DNA at a time.’
    • ‘There were two pens in the barn: the north pen, which housed cows milked with a robotic milker, and the south pen, which housed cows milked in a conventional parlor.’
    • ‘Clearly Sermon's work does not include a dexterous robotic arm, a standard device of telerobotics.’
    • ‘For these analyses, robotic equipment precisely places pieces of the pathogen's DNA in an array of infinitesimally small droplets on glass microscope slides.’
    mechanized, mechanical, automated, push-button, preprogrammed, computerized, electronic, unmanned
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    1. 1.1 Resembling or characteristic of a robot, especially in being stiff or unemotional.
      ‘his robotic voice’
      • ‘She wondered if her fiancé even noticed her robotic mood.’
      • ‘Their robotic self-control and evasion of personal contact was redolent of the utter self-absorption of mimes.’
      • ‘This nasal, crisp, robotic inner voice wasted no time on small talk.’