Definition of robber crab in English:

robber crab


  • A large terrestrial crablike crustacean which climbs coconut palms to feed on the nuts, found on islands in the Indo-Pacific area.

    Birgus latro, family Paguridae

    Also called coconut crab
    • ‘The company participated in the Christmas Island golf day, a three ball ambrose, with the ever-present possibility of losing a golf ball to one of the large robber crabs on the course.’
    • ‘The protected robber crab - the largest on earth - also survives here.’
    • ‘The only obstacle in her way were the large robber crabs everywhere in this area of the course.’
    • ‘The largest of these is the coconut or robber crab, which has even managed to evolve a skin tough enough to discard the need for a shell.’
    • ‘The problem was the robber crabs that survived on the edge of the super colonies - once we dropped a bait there, they found that quite attractive and they headed towards it.’