Definition of roarer in English:



  • See roar

    • ‘They built up whole orchestras of crackers, roarers, bubblers, thunderers and bursters.’
    • ‘Gangs of youthful roarers - sometimes high-born bucks, sometimes apprentices and lower-class types, all usually drunk - roamed city landscapes illuminated only by hand-held torches and lanterns and moonlight.’
    • ‘I understand he was at least in an amateur, if not semi-professional way, a lion roarer.’
    • ‘When the owner came out the next morning to feed, Black Jack, was perkily facing him and waiting for his breakfast but he sounded like a roarer with every breath.’
    • ‘The boatswain exclaims to the king and his followers that their divinity and rank will not save them from the elements: ‘What care these roarers for the name of King?’’